Carpet Cleaning

Krystal Kleaning employs expert cleaners that provide commercial and domestic services for your carpets. Both services are of the same level of quality.

Whether you’re looking for domestic or commercial carpet cleaners in East Anglia, we provide both services with outstanding results and really good prices. No job is too small, and no task is too insignificant for our cleaning team.

Our staff are fully trained and equipped with the most effective up to date chemicals available today.

Our carpet cleaners always spot test an inconspicuous area before we begin to determine any colour fastness, to ensure they use the correct chemical and cleaning method for your carpet.

Our professional staff also provide a full upholstery cleaning service to revitalise and extend the life of your sofas or armchairs.

Our Approach & Methods

Krystal Kleaning offers high quality cleaning services in Kings Lynn and surrounding areas at extremely competitive prices. You may have already heard about us in social media or in the local newspapers, as we fully provide cleaning services to all areas East Anglia.

We provide the Hot Water Extraction Method for all our carpet and upholstery cleaning: this is the most effective and up to date method for cleaning and is also sometimes known as steam carpet cleaning. Firstly, we spray the carpet or upholstery with a cleaning solution. Next hot water is injected at high pressure, deep in to the carpet pile. The water breaks soils and oils faster and more effectively and it is instantly extracted. This method is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and cleaning experts. Our hot water extraction carpet cleaning approach requires some pre-steps and it returns outstanding results to our carpet cleaners, every time.

Here are the pre-steps:
Firstly, we will start off by thoroughly vacuuming your carpet. It is very important to clean away any loose soil or dust hence preventing it to rub on your carpet before steam cleaning. The carpet is then sprayed with a specific solution for your carpets needs. This will dissolve stains and loosen grit and dirt in and on your carpet. Then we deep steam clean your carpets until the water comes back clean.
By cleaning your carpets at regular times with this method, we double the life of your carpet. This has been proven because the grit from the base of the pile which causes carpets to wear out is extracted. Hot water extraction methods success in the last few years is due to the machines used. They are now much more powerful than previous methods. As a result, not only your carpets are cleaner but also the drying time is much faster. When the wand (the tool used to inject water at high pressure and extracts 80% of the water back) it gives the appearance of steam, this is where the term steam carpet cleaning comes from.

Our staff have the combination of-leading cleaning technology and the knowledge as well as the expertise and training.

The carpets at your property will be left looking brand new after the steam cleaning service.

Why Book a Service with Us?
Our carpet cleaning methods are the latest in the industry and they always return outstanding results. Our Carpet Cleaners are fully insured and trained.